Monday, February 23, 2009

25 Things About Me

25 Things About Me
I am afraid of dying. 2. I love being a Stay-At-Home-Mom yet it is alot of work! 3. I enjoy Nascar. 4. I believe in fate. 5. Montel Williams is my hero. 6. I played basketball and ran track as a kid. 7. I rarely watch t.v. 8. I love music, but can never remember who sings what 9. I wish I had more time for adult conversations. 10. Turning 40 scared me to death. 11. My son turning 21 makes me realize he is growing up. 12. I am very much in love. 13. I want to become more "green" just haven't figured out to go about it yet. 14. I LOVE camping! 15. I wish people would consider the effects of gossiping. 16. I hate jealousy. 17. I have thought about homeschooling my kids. Our system sucks! 18. I need to make more time for scrapbooking. 19. I hardly ever get a bubble bath without interruptions. 20. I am a blogger and I enjoy it. 21. I don't like hugs from strangers. 22. I don't have alot of friends, but the ones I do have I wouldn't trade for anything. 23. I had a poem published 24. I hate decorating for holidays. 25. I got a tattoo on Mother's Day my gift to me :-)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

In All Honesty

Ok so a deadly stomach virus hits your house. You gag, but say "Ok, these are my kids I can handle this". The first time they puke it's ok everybody out of the bed. I change the sheets and everyone gets back in. At the sound of the next gag a couple hours later I say "Shit!" and get the extra comforter from the closet and just throw it on top and lay down. The third time I say "What else is left in there!" grab another comforter and roll up sleeping bad style cuz actually there wasn't much just on my side. Later in the night just as one of them are about to yell "MOM!" I try to save my pillow....I am so tired. I just didn't make it in time. The pillowcases are in the bathroom. I just turn the pillow over trying to remember not to run my arm up under there. Get my child a new shirt and lay down. I laugh out loud at the mound of covers on my side of the bed. I say you can always tell in the morning how bad it really was by the comforters on the bed. I will spend the next day washing them and returning to the closet where they are easily accessible incase someone else is sick. I don't deal with puke very well. I have even resorted to paying Devin to clean it up on occasion. LOL The Puke Master has been at my house this week.............and yes the washer is running.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Good Mom

Ok I may have lied in my profile when I said words like wonderful kids, teaching new things and anything else that may have resulted in my liking my kids. We have had several snow days and of course school was closed today for MLK day. I got this brainy idea each kid could invite over a friend and that way everyone would have someone to play with. I thought I would just fix some food and enjoy quiet time. NOT! This won't happen again in the winter months....did you hear me say WON'T? Cuz that is exactly what I said. WON'T EVER AGAIN. Well at least until the campground is opened back up and they can get outside. I have popcorn all over my house, nachos in the tub (how that happened is beyond me!) The kids were for the most part good, no they where whinning tattletales to be honest about it. I think I warned each of them that the monster two year old would pull hair, bite and throw toys prior to them agreeing to stay all nite. Yet, they wanted to tell me everytime he did this. I said if you would so kindly (with a very sweet smile) sit down for 5 minutes I will get him to sleep and you don't have to worry with him anymore. As i whispered into my daughters ear (Get those kids in that playroom and shut the door and don't you dare open it until I knock and let you know he is asleep! Got it?) Robbie wanted to know what I was thinking? I am still wondering that myself.................


I have been asked about the photo to the left. It should be titled "Brotherly Love". Most of those who know me have heard stories about J.P. He can be a bit moody, a little contrary and sometimes just MEAN. Parker and J.P. have rounds where they compete for each others attention. This time Parker got the last laugh. He handcuffed his brother to the bathroom door and then sat on the couch watching T.V. totally ignoring his cry for help. I had to laugh when I seen the predictament that the poor guy was in. Yet, I said "hold on let mommy get her camera then I will let you free" I was cracking up all the way to the kitchen.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Elias learns to read

So we started kindergarten this year. It didn't start off as well as expected. He had light changes during the first week. I was thinking this was going to be a long year. At one point I sent the teacher a letter explaining how sorry I was that we hadn't cloned Sadara and she would just have to deal with the situation. She later confessed that she thought he was being rude to her with some of his comments. Especially when he said "WHATEVER". She had finally figured out his personality. They get along fine now. She is beginning to teach them to read. He comes home from school with his first book. ZIP. I read the book to him and then he gives it a try. he gets thru the first 2 pages with little or no help. I am so excited. We finish the 6 page book. He looks up and says "I read that book, How cool is that?" I like this reading. I was very proud of him. Just a reminder of how much he is growing each day.

The Hard Lesson to Learn

Ok so my almost thirteen year old decided she wanted to save her money for a ipod touch. She saved all her xmas and babysitting money. Of course her older brother chipped in too. I go to Walmart and purchase this expensive gadget. She is allowed to download songs and proceeds to call all her close friends and share her joy. Before going to bed I say to her "That does not go to school tomorrow....GOT IT?" She said she did. Off to bed. When she awakes to get ready for school I gently remind her "Do not take that ipod to school....Got it?" She huffs and puffs and can't understand WHY?? IT'S MINE!!!!! I say "Because I said so" Off to school. I get up and this little voice is telling me to go on the hunt of the ipod. Needless to say I find her cell phone that is usually attached to her ear. I question if that was left on purpose, so that I couldn't text to ask if she had the IPOD at school. When she returns from school. I kindly ask "Did you take that to school? She replies "No, it was in my bedroom." It wasn't because I looked for it. She insisted it was in her drawer. I said in a stern voice "Did you take that to school? She then admitted that she did. So why do kids lie? I had a talk with her and explained that I have never tolerated lying and disobeying. I took the IPOD that she cherishes so much. Yet in the back of my mind........I keep thinking she bought it with her own money maybe I shouldn't have put restrictions on it. If she lost it she lost it. I have always know that she was a MATERIAL girl. I am still deciding how long the punishment for lying will be. She has to tell me what is trust? Why it is important in a family? I am beginning to think the easiest lesson learned would of been IF SHE LOST IT, SHE LOST IT............

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Natural Athlete

This is our little gymnast. She competed in a competition on Saturday. She finished 1st on the Trampoline, 2nd on the Double-Mini and 2nd on the Floor routine. Congrats!