Thursday, February 19, 2009

In All Honesty

Ok so a deadly stomach virus hits your house. You gag, but say "Ok, these are my kids I can handle this". The first time they puke it's ok everybody out of the bed. I change the sheets and everyone gets back in. At the sound of the next gag a couple hours later I say "Shit!" and get the extra comforter from the closet and just throw it on top and lay down. The third time I say "What else is left in there!" grab another comforter and roll up sleeping bad style cuz actually there wasn't much just on my side. Later in the night just as one of them are about to yell "MOM!" I try to save my pillow....I am so tired. I just didn't make it in time. The pillowcases are in the bathroom. I just turn the pillow over trying to remember not to run my arm up under there. Get my child a new shirt and lay down. I laugh out loud at the mound of covers on my side of the bed. I say you can always tell in the morning how bad it really was by the comforters on the bed. I will spend the next day washing them and returning to the closet where they are easily accessible incase someone else is sick. I don't deal with puke very well. I have even resorted to paying Devin to clean it up on occasion. LOL The Puke Master has been at my house this week.............and yes the washer is running.

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