Monday, February 23, 2009

25 Things About Me

25 Things About Me
I am afraid of dying. 2. I love being a Stay-At-Home-Mom yet it is alot of work! 3. I enjoy Nascar. 4. I believe in fate. 5. Montel Williams is my hero. 6. I played basketball and ran track as a kid. 7. I rarely watch t.v. 8. I love music, but can never remember who sings what 9. I wish I had more time for adult conversations. 10. Turning 40 scared me to death. 11. My son turning 21 makes me realize he is growing up. 12. I am very much in love. 13. I want to become more "green" just haven't figured out to go about it yet. 14. I LOVE camping! 15. I wish people would consider the effects of gossiping. 16. I hate jealousy. 17. I have thought about homeschooling my kids. Our system sucks! 18. I need to make more time for scrapbooking. 19. I hardly ever get a bubble bath without interruptions. 20. I am a blogger and I enjoy it. 21. I don't like hugs from strangers. 22. I don't have alot of friends, but the ones I do have I wouldn't trade for anything. 23. I had a poem published 24. I hate decorating for holidays. 25. I got a tattoo on Mother's Day my gift to me :-)


  1. Hi mmcopher, thanks for following my writings. How did you come across me?

    A little about me in regards to your 25 Things..

    Death, should not scare you. Leaving your loved ones behind is the tragety. Fear not however, cherish the moments of your life as well as your childrens. They, good or bad, are the lessons that make us the people we are today!

    What types of 'adult conversations' do you wish you had time for? There are many things in which this could mean.. Life, faith, economics, fear, aspirations, fate, etc?

    12: I have too. Isn't it great! =)

    I have been involved in the paper crafts business since I was a child. Its a great way to keep memories and express your creativity!

    I have a passion for ink. Whether paper or the human canvas. What is your tattoo??

  2. Great list!! Feel like I know you a little better now!! I homeschool one of my best friends homeschools 9!!!

    I used to be afraid of death, but since I asked Jesus into my heart (when I was 31) I am no longer afraid.

    I am 50 and have a grand daughter!! I know what you mean about age milestones, and how they make you more aware of certain things!!

    Hope you have a glorious weekend!!