Monday, January 19, 2009

The Good Mom

Ok I may have lied in my profile when I said words like wonderful kids, teaching new things and anything else that may have resulted in my liking my kids. We have had several snow days and of course school was closed today for MLK day. I got this brainy idea each kid could invite over a friend and that way everyone would have someone to play with. I thought I would just fix some food and enjoy quiet time. NOT! This won't happen again in the winter months....did you hear me say WON'T? Cuz that is exactly what I said. WON'T EVER AGAIN. Well at least until the campground is opened back up and they can get outside. I have popcorn all over my house, nachos in the tub (how that happened is beyond me!) The kids were for the most part good, no they where whinning tattletales to be honest about it. I think I warned each of them that the monster two year old would pull hair, bite and throw toys prior to them agreeing to stay all nite. Yet, they wanted to tell me everytime he did this. I said if you would so kindly (with a very sweet smile) sit down for 5 minutes I will get him to sleep and you don't have to worry with him anymore. As i whispered into my daughters ear (Get those kids in that playroom and shut the door and don't you dare open it until I knock and let you know he is asleep! Got it?) Robbie wanted to know what I was thinking? I am still wondering that myself.................


  1. Whew...sounds like a nightmare. Hope things have calmed down for you.

  2. Hey there and thanks for visiting and following my blog! Wow!! You have your hands full, don't you? I homeschool my only school-aged daughter (the others are all out of school) so she is my constant companion. Never thought I'd be up for homeschooling, but now I wouldn't have it any other way.

    I've done things like this with their friends, and it does rattle your nerves, but you will look back on it and smile...believe it or not!!
    Well, blessings to you strong lady and mommy! :o)
    Sending sunny thoughts your way!
    Have a wonderful week!!

  3. Thank you for stopping by for a visit. Six blessings from God must keep you really busy. My God bless you as you do the very best ministry there is... mother and homemaker.
    Roberta Anne