Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Hard Lesson to Learn

Ok so my almost thirteen year old decided she wanted to save her money for a ipod touch. She saved all her xmas and babysitting money. Of course her older brother chipped in too. I go to Walmart and purchase this expensive gadget. She is allowed to download songs and proceeds to call all her close friends and share her joy. Before going to bed I say to her "That does not go to school tomorrow....GOT IT?" She said she did. Off to bed. When she awakes to get ready for school I gently remind her "Do not take that ipod to school....Got it?" She huffs and puffs and can't understand WHY?? IT'S MINE!!!!! I say "Because I said so" Off to school. I get up and this little voice is telling me to go on the hunt of the ipod. Needless to say I find her cell phone that is usually attached to her ear. I question if that was left on purpose, so that I couldn't text to ask if she had the IPOD at school. When she returns from school. I kindly ask "Did you take that to school? She replies "No, it was in my bedroom." It wasn't because I looked for it. She insisted it was in her drawer. I said in a stern voice "Did you take that to school? She then admitted that she did. So why do kids lie? I had a talk with her and explained that I have never tolerated lying and disobeying. I took the IPOD that she cherishes so much. Yet in the back of my mind........I keep thinking she bought it with her own money maybe I shouldn't have put restrictions on it. If she lost it she lost it. I have always know that she was a MATERIAL girl. I am still deciding how long the punishment for lying will be. She has to tell me what is trust? Why it is important in a family? I am beginning to think the easiest lesson learned would of been IF SHE LOST IT, SHE LOST IT............


  1. I agree with that back of my mind voice type of thing cause i did buy it!!

  2. I think it is great that you stood your ground. She is a great young lady but she still needs to understand that trust is a very important part of life.